• Porte

    Subtle and delicate jam & jelly.

    La Petite Sucrée invites you to discover a selcetion of jams and jellies

    coming from Normandy in France, with an authentic taste.

  • composition

    Natural fruits

    In western France, Normandy, the fruits grow in a natural way in the orchard.

    Then, they are handpicked once ripe, and cooked with a few organic sugar on a wood cooker.

  • Arbre fruitier

    Fruits from Normandy.

  • sample 4

    Gift boxes from

    La Petite Sucrée.

  • In Normandy, the plums grow in a fruit orchard, in an organic way. A few organic sugar is only added. Delicious and delicate taste.

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  • Rose jelly has a unique delicate taste. In France, the red big roses grow in an organic way, in Normandy. The rose coms from the rosebuch "Jacques Prévert" : a French poem in a jar ! Organic sugar and agar-agar is added to the rose juice. The rose jelly can be put on brioche, and it also sweeten the tea.

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  • Fruits that growed up in an organic fruit orchard, in Normandy. A luxuous gift box, with 4 jam jars. An elegant and delicate tasty gift.

    41,00 €
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